Monday, 19 January 2015


Life  is such an interesting place, it holds us liable for our actions. And whatever action a man plunges in today, was informed by a choice made yesterday. Life is full of fundamental assumptions  which  "choice" is one of them.

The principle of choice is so significant that it affects virtually all the aspects of human endeavour positively or negatively. We make choice of school, a place of worship, clothing, house to live, life partners etc. The totality of a man hangs around the concept of choice and for every choice made there is a set outcome.

The most amazing part of this is that, choice can be made consciously and unconsciously. For instance, you have a final examination the next day and you decided not to attend. You have made a conscious choice not to write the examination, fine! But unconsciously you have said inaudibly "I have chosen to fail" because without an exam you can never have a distinction.

That's exactly how many people live their lives in this present world forgetting life is full of responsibilities that poses to us on a daily basis as choice. We neglect our primary responsibilities and pay much attention to trivial things. Instead of engaging in things that requires our undivided attentions, tenacity and relentless effort. We opt for the pleasure of today and suffer the pain tomorrow.

 One of my most revered mentor once said "No star emerges without a scar". There is always a price tag for every outstanding story of exploits. Life is so deliberate you cannot afford to follow the crowd. You may have a goal, all your effort may seem like you are only building a castle in the air, but I want you to know, every great edifice you see today started yesterday as a foundation. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step. Rome wasn't built in a day, so why give up now?

Withstand the pain today and live to tell the story tomorrow. I love this slogan by a popular rapper "Get Rich Or Die Trying" (My own version "Achieve your Goal Or Die Trying"), This signifies sheer determination. Persistency and iteration is needed to breakthrough on some certain grounds. Success isn't a cheap commodity that's why few successful people are in our society, and if you are privileged to ask them you would realize they paid the price. It is easy to be a failure, do nothing and I can I assure you, you would come out a woeful failure. Let me introduce to you a vital resource.


 It is your most critical resource. Of course you need a strong core concept in place but that's just the beginning. You must iterate from your original idea to overcome roadblocks, recover from  failures and capitalize on opportunities.

Mark Zuckerberg's first website was shut down by Harvard. Sir James Dyson developed over 5,000 vacuum cleaner prototypes before he got one right. Henry Ford didn't succeed in the automobile business until his fourth time around. And we've all read that it took 1,000 (or was it 10,000?) attempts before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

What about whatsApp co-founder Brian Acton ,who was rejected for a job back in 2009. A lot can happen in few years. You can go from the vice president of engineering for yahoo, to a guy looking for a job at facebook, to a startup founder, to a guy that just sold that start up to Facebook for a jaw dropping $19 billion. Here's his sad -but-hopeful tweet after he was rejected at Facebook.

"Facebook turned  me down. It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. Looking forward to life's next adventure"

The great lesson from this is that, he didn't stop at his setbacks. His comeback was fantastic.

Business models rarely survive in their original form. Stay fixed on your initial mission but flexible how you get there. Don't be afraid to change directions or explore new avenues quickly. Be focus on your path, and iterate to success.

Remember , " winners never quit and quitters never win". It's all about choice, PAIN OF SUCCESS OR PAIN OF REGRETS ?

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