Wednesday, 14 January 2015

5 Alarming signs you need a career change

Making a career choice is perhaps the second most important
decision that we make, with first being the marriage.
Remember, when you find a career, you develop a relationship
with that career. Therefore, you have to ensure total
commitment, build a strong and maintain a clean reputation.
You work along with a team were you give your bits of
insights and share your expertise for the accomplishment of
the goals. Just like any relationship, there might be some issues
in your job. There could be misunderstandings, conflicts of
interests or collision of ideas.
As an employee, we spend 15%-20% of our life at the
workplace. This is a significant part of our life that we burn up
in our offices. Therefore, it is fairly important that we do
something meaningful with this major portion of our life.
However, some people just take it for granted and select a job
that eventually does more harm to them than good.
Some people get struck by the charm of a job only to get
frustrated in the end, while some become the victim of dirty
workplace politics. Ultimately, they hate themselves for making
the bad career selection and experiencing all the sufferings. So,
if you are a victim of job frustration, then these warning signs
will help you identify your issues and make a career change.
Sign#1: You Have Lost a Sense of Purpose
Losing fulfillment in your job is the prominent sign that
indicates an immediate career change. People who cannot
enjoy their job become stagnant in their career. As they feel no
spark in their job, they become stressed and unproductive.
Eventually, they go through a professional hiatus that badly
affect their career.
When we lose the ‘interest’ factor in a job, we lose our energy,
passion, determination and our goal. As a worker, you must
feel passionate towards your work. However, when you suffer
from a loss of purpose, then that passion tends to disappear
thereby alerting you to make a quick career change
Sign#2: You Feel Less Valued At the Workplace
Often, employees complain about the lack of acknowledgement
and appreciation from their employer. Sometimes, they become
the victim of favoritism at workplace where they receive less
share of appreciation for their hard work. In such situation,
they feel belittled and undervalued, which cause them to drop
their job.
Every worker needs appreciation of his efforts and so without
any real acknowledgement, no worker can deliver results to
the best of his potential. The acknowledgment can be in any
form: a word of appreciation or an increment. However, if you
are feeling like a rejected employee whose efforts are not
reciprocated, then you need to change your job.
Sign#3: You Are Subject To Political Victimization
Workplace politics is an unavoidable reality. But, if it starts to
affect your performance, then it is terribly bad for your
professional reputation. Being a victim of workplace politics,
you might feel deprived and disappointed. In the worst case
scenario, you might even develop negative thoughts against
your colleagues. These things can severely throttle your
professional developments and may result in an irreversible
damage in the long run.
Office politics is a common element in the organizations. Most
of the time, it is the lust for power and authority. But, if you
happen to be a victim of deadly workplace politics, then it is
better to part ways with your organization. Instead, you should
look for a job in an organization where you can channel your
energies in a productive way.
Sign#4: You Are Worn-Out Due To Financial Stress
The underlying causes of job dissatisfaction might lie in your
low pay scale. Your salary and perks have a lot to do with your
performance at both personal and professional level. You
cannot give your best if your mind is preoccupied with the
thoughts of unpaid bills and unsettled premiums.
Financial stress is a common problem with the workers. But, if
your stress levels are affecting your family life, mood and your
health, then you need to seriously think about a perfect
solution. Does your current salary is insufficient to support
your financial matters? Is your monthly dues of credit card is
rolling in as you cannot pay your bills? If yes, then you need to
find a new job with better salary so that you can get rid of
your financial stress and focus on your career effectively.
Sign#5: You Feel Lack of Gratification
Do you force yourself every morning to wake up and go to
office? Is the idea of doing your job does not charm you? If so,
then there is something wrong with your selection of career.
Many times, people make a wrong career choice which affects
them in future. As a creative person you might feel burnt out
in a job that involves operating machines. Similarly, you
cannot enjoy your job as a war correspondent because you are
too sensitive to cover live shots of shootouts in a warring zone.
You cannot live up to your fullest if you cannot enjoy your
profession and a wrong career choice is the cause behind it. So,
if you are not satisfied with your current career and if you feel
stressed every time you leave the office, then you should find a
career that you love.

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