Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Time (86,400 seconds)

It would interest you to know that the entirety of life is segmented into Time. So significant that we cannot do without it .  Let me amaze  you further by telling you Time is of a greater value than money. Why is it so ?

You can make more money but you cannot regain more Time when lost. Queen Elizabeth said on her death bed, “I will give my entire kingdom for one more day”. One of the things the poor and the rich has in common or in equality is time. Everytime a man is given comes with a responsibility.

We all have 86,400 seconds eachday, how are you spending it?  when you are spending your time, it is equivalent to spending your life. So you have to consciously invest your by being positive and pursuing your goals.

Despite having 86,400 seconds on a daily basis, our out-put at the end of the day differs. We might be faced with a lot of challenges preventing us from fully maximizing our time, but if the challenge isn’t going to lead us to our destiny, let’s learn not to dwell on it and face  more serious issues.

When you realised your time is limited, you don’t respond to every critics on the road, in the traffic, shopping malls, television etc.  Imagine a bank deposits $86,400 in your aaccount on a daily basis and you are to spend it all or else whatever remains at the end of the day would be returned, I believe you would have much sense of responsibility and make sure you spend it all to avoid wastage, the same thing applies to Time. Do not put any part of your day to watse, let me give you a concept that’s going to be helpful. On a daily basis, you need to re-evaluate what you are doing and how you are spending your time, by that you are really going to know the aspect you need to make adjustment.

Wake up in the morning, set your thoughts on purpose, if need be, pen it down on a paper and at the end of the day you would be amazed with your level of accomplishment within a short while. We are in a jet world where everything needs to be done as soon as possible. Gone are those days when they used to say a “fool at 40 is a fool forever “, now in this jet world a fool at 30 is a fool forever.

Hence, spend that Time right, just 60 seconds could cost you a whole life time. Spend that Time right ,it ticks and wait for nobody.

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