Thursday, 4 February 2016

3 Life Changing-Ways To Overcome Failure


Failure is a very bad state to be and may be very depressing, but not if you do something about it. It is a very wild feeling that no one would like to go through but can be overcome and defeated. It really depends on how you look at the situation, for there is always or in most cases a good side to everything.
Here are the 3 best ways to overcome failure:

1. Look At The Positives

I am sure we have all been in a situation where we felt we failed ourselves and other people around us maybe. However, who made the decision or call that we failed? It was you that made that decision and not anyone else, right? It is your choice and call whether or not you label a certain incident as success or failure really, so study each case carefully and make the right judgment.
Now I am not saying there is no failing in life, as matter of fact, there are a lot of instances we will feel like we failed. What you need to do is look at the positives of each situation, for without failing there is no success. Learn to always think of failing as something to learn from.

2. Define And Identify Failure

Just like when facing your fears, you need to know what your failure is, what you might have fell short of doing or not accomplished the way you like. Have you defined your failures? The first step is to always identify so that you know what you are facing or dealing with. Knowing this can help you devise a plan, a good one, to remove the failure virus.
Think of a situation where you think you failed; maybe you lost in a squash game, or maybe it was something more major like failing a test or a whole subject. Always go back and study the situation and try to identify the root cause of the problem. Sometimes we get caught up in the misconception that maybe we did not study enough, while the reason was that we did not understand a concept.

3. Learn Not To Repeat Your Mistakes

This sounds like a no-brainer talk because we all know that we should not repeat our mistakes, right? Well, yes we do know, but we still often fall into the trap of repeating our mistakes even though we know that we should not be doing that.
We are just too immersed and attached to our bad habits that we are not ready to let go of them, even though we can see that they could lead us to failure. We need to fight those strong urges to keep on doing what we are doing. If it is the fact that we cannot resist hanging out with friends on the expense of studying, then we need to motivate ourselves further and imagine the benefits of working hard and achieving honors.
A long story made short is that life is always going to throw curve balls at us and every time it does that, we need to be ready; we need to be one step ahead. Besides, we need to fail in life in order to learn. It is beneficial to learn from our errors and prevent the happening of any mistakes, because if we do not, the virus could get bigger and spread.