Start taking more risks: a phrase you hear quite a lot of times. But what does it really mean? Does it mean you have to go cliff-diving or chase a thief? No! (in some cases yes, maybe). Taking risks could mean to take the less traveled road, meaning something that people usually don’t do. It could be as simple as adding a funny animation in your presentation to something big like moving from New York to Paris in search of better work.
Though taking a risk may sound like taking a big risk, here are a few reasons why we think it’s actually worth it.

1. You Will Be Introduced To New Opportunities

Risk-taking is often connected with negative results. But the truth is  that risk brings along with it new opportunities to grow and learn. All those people who have had successful careers have taken risks in their lives, and look where they are now.
Though many a time risks don’t yield the expected results but you can surely say that you have gained an experience from it. Experiences make a person wise. Even through failure you will learn. If you are still skeptical about it, then think of risk as an opportunity, something new that no one has tried. If you are stuck in between two career choices, go for the one that looks rewarding even if it is risky.

2. Risk-Taking Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Because the crowd follows what is easy, if you choose the riskier path, you will stand out. This helps you get noticed by important people. Those who often take risks are seen to be confident and intelligent.
Risk-taking will allow you to express your own ideas in a unique way. Instead of following the proven ways of doing things, you can add that an extra ‘you’ factor in your work. This means you becoming a leader and not a follower. Taking a risk is like letting people see how confident you are. When you stand out and get noticed, people will remember you for important tasks because they know that if others cannot do it, you surely can!

3. Change Comes From Taking Risks

Okay, so you have completed college and got a degree. You have worked hard at work and are living life as you should. Everything in your life is good. But you know what would be wonderful? Taking a risk. All the toiling has got you a good bank balance so that now you can spend it on yourself. Take a longer-than-usual break for yourself and go travelling. Go for 3 months, 4 or even 6!
This is only one of the so many ways taking to bring change in your life. Not many people do it, and hence is the route less taken. Because taking risk like this will let you experience something unknown, it will cause a change. If you follow the traditional way of doing things, how will there be any scope of change?

4. Taking Risk Will Help You To Conquer Your Fear Of Failure

Taking the risky path may lead to a few failures. You cannot expect to get everything right the first time, but you must not think of your failures as the destination and stop. Failures lead you to success, not from it. People don’t take risks because of the fear of failure and that becomes a hindrance in their paths to success.
We see failure to be the opposite of success. But from today we can stop following the dictionary by heart because failure is like a channel leading to success. Remember, you only learn to get up if you even fall down.

5. Taking A Risk Does Not Mean You Have To Do It At The Heat Of The Moment

You will, obviously, prepare yourself before you decide on taking the big chance; you will prepare a list (possibly) of the pros and cons of the risk; you will be prepared with another solution should you fail; and you will educate yourself about the new venture you are going to be a part of, which means the chances of you being in a completely undiscovered place will be less.
Taking a risk in no way means to blindly follow your instincts. Sometimes, you have to make certain calculations about your new idea instead of coming up with unrelated thoughts and expecting them to work out only because they are things people have not done. You may have to plan the risks, too, you know.

6. You Get To Know Yourself Better

As taking a risk makes you come across various challenges of life you will learn about your potential. You will face new challenges everyday and through your ideas and solutions you will be able to overcome the obstacles. This way you will get to know what you truly are.
Risks make us more confident: about ourselves as well as about the unknown. The more risks you take- different kinds of risks- the more you will discover about yourself. Go ahead and put yourself out there. Don’t fear what you don’t know. Instead challenge yourself and grow.

7. New Lessons Come From Taking Risks

Apart from making you realize your potentials, conquering your fear failure and making you stand out from the crowd, risk is also a way to help you in self-improvement. You will come across situations when people will pull you down, don’t listen to them. If you do then you will be missing out on opportunities for self growth. You will know that people are not always right, no matter in what position they are, who they are or what they are talking about.
People will not live your life for you, you will. So, why listen to others when you should be making the choices for yourself? These are the things you will learn from taking risks, and it will help you in a lot of ways.

8. If You Want It Big, You Cannot Play It Safe

Risk-taking will not make your life better but it will open new doors for you. If you really want to see some change, and want to make it big in life, you have to leave your comfort zone and travel on the risky road. Neither struggle nor ease is guaranteed on this path. Actually, nothing is guaranteed but experience and opportunity. You will meet new people, explore new areas and see various things. Nothing will be like how it was, but it will all be worth it when you reach your destination.
The outside world is unknown and it is scary. But until you reach for more than what you have, how will you know the limits to what you can have? It is necessary to take risks because they make us realize our abilities through which we move towards discovering ourselves, followed by betterment and leading to excellence.

9. All Risk-Takers May Not Be Winners, But They All Are Learners

They have experience and they have learned something or the other from the risks that they took. You can look at a risk in so many ways. So, let it motivate you instead of making you scared, let it make you grow instead, and let it change you for the better.
There are drawbacks to taking risks as well, like after reaching a high point and not meeting with the desired results, or worse not getting anything in return. So what? You have taken a big risk and that is worth it. The fact is we are preparing for the worse that may not even happen. Just think of the journey that you had and so much that you learned. If not anything, you will be taking home the trophies of experience with you.