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13 Motivational Quotes From C.S. Lewis

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

– C.S. Lewis

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

– C.S. Lewis

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.

– C.S. Lewis

Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay. But look for Christ, and you will find Him, and with Him everything else thrown in.

– C.S. Lewis

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing the monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.

– C.S. Lewis

Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.

– C.S. Lewis

We are what we believe we are.

– C.S. Lewis

Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching.– C.S. Lewis

There would be no sense in saying you trusted Jesus if you would not take his advise.

– C.S. Lewis

Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.

-C.S. Lewis

If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it.

– C.S. Lewis

 Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.

– C.S. Lewis

Friday, 18 September 2015


2face Idibia

Innocent Ujah Idibia (born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria), better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. He officially discontinued the use of the name Tuface and selected Tu-baba as his stage name. He is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa. He is also one of the most bankable artists in Africa.
2Face has received one MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award, five Headies Awards (Hip-hop award), four Channel O Music Video Awards and one BET award for his musical work, four MTV Africa Music Awards, one MOBO award, one KORA award, and numerous additional nominations.

Early life

Innocent Idibia was born in Jos, Nigeria. He is from the Idoma ethnic group in the southern part of Benue State, in central Nigeria.He attended Saint Gabriel's Secondary School in Makurdi, Benue State. He enrolled at Institute of Management & Technology, Enugu (IMT), where he did his preliminary National Diploma course in business administration and management. While attending IMT, he performed at school organised shows and parties, as well as other regional schools such as the University of Nigeriaand Enugu State University of Science & Technology. He eventually dropped out to pursue his music career. While attending IMT, 2face Idibia started composing and singing jingles at the GB Fan Club at Enugu State Broadcasting Services (ESBS) in 1996.

Also in 1996, he adopted the stage name "2Face" (Tuface). He cited the reason as "trying to demarcate my personal life with my business life.

In Plantashun Boyz

He moved to Lagos and started performing with rapper BlackFace Naija. He had met BlackFace while attending IMT. With Blackface (Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo) and with musician Faze (Chibuzor Oji), he went on to form the trio band Plantashun Boyz.
Plantashun Boyz released two successful albums: Body and Soul (2000) and Sold Out (2003) under the Nelson Brown's owned Label (Dove Records) before disbanding in 2004. Relations were marred for many years during which the band broke up and started their solo careers. Long after the break-up known as the "Faze vs Tuface" beef, the band came back together in 2007 for the purpose of recording a third and final album entitled Plan B (2007).

Solo career

After the disbandment of Plantashun Boyz in 2004, all band members sought separate musical careers. 2face Idibia released his debut solo album Face 2 Face (2004), which established him as a viable solo artist.
Following the release of his debut album, he released his second album Grass 2 Grace in 2006, which contained hits "One Love", "True Love, "4 Instance". He is the founder of Hypertek Entertainment.

In 2006, his song "African Queen" was used in the soundtrack for the film Phat Girlz, which was released internationally.
He released a promotion album in 2008 called The Unstoppable releasing the single "Enter the Place". Problems with album distribution in 2007 caused as shift of the release date of the album from 2008 to early 2009. In 2010, 2face released an "international edition" of the same under the title The Unstoppable International Edition making him the first Nigerian artist to have an appropriately priced international album. 2face released two more singles from the international version of his Unstoppable album. The international edition of the album won two awards at the 2010 Sound City Music Video Awards. He also won the Channel O Music Video Awards Best African Western award and the MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Male and Artist of the year.
Upon leaving the music label Kennis Music, he set up his own record label known as Hypertek Entertainment.] He is part of the Sony All African One8 Project alongside seven other musicians across Africa recording a single with R. Kelly and Prince Lee titled "Hands Across the World". He is the first non-Liberian to become an honorary member of the Liberian music society in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the growth of music in Africa. He has been named Red cross ambassador society of Nigeria. 2face has several collaborations all over the globe, giving his collaborators the opportunity to win awards for each duet such as street credibility by 9ice, possibility by p-square and lots more. He is adored by his colleagues and every entertainer in Nigeria music industry as a role model. 2face and heavy weight American Rapper Jay Z met in NYC 2014.
2face Idibia has also been an ambassador for quite a number of brands including Guinness, Nigerian Breweries e.t.c He is also the brand ambassador for National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

Personal life

2Face has experienced near-death events, including gunshots from an armed robbery.
On 2 May 2012, 2Face Idibia and Annie Macaulay married in Lagos, Nigeria in a private ceremony. 2face announced his marriage via his Twitter page. Annie Macaulay and 2Face had their traditional wedding on 8 March 2013 in Eket, Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria. The couple also had a white wedding in Dubai, on Saturday 23 March 2013 with Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities all present to see the long term couple tie the knot.
His wife, Annie Idibia, August 17, 2015, announced that she has opened a beauty salon in Atlanta called BeOlive Hair Studio.


2Face has established an NGO called Foundation. Which motto is service to ‘’humanity’’. In 2009, 2Face was appointed as ambassador by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. He released a song "Man Unkind" to raise awareness on the menace of fake and sub-standard food and drug products in Nigeria. In 2009, he was presented with the prestigious International Youth Ambassador for Peace Summit and the Nigeria Youth Merit Award by the National Youth Council of Nigeria in recognition of his contributions to youth development in Nigeria.



·         2004: Face 2 Face
·         2006: Grass 2 Grace
·         2008: The Unstoppable
·         2010: The Unstoppable International Edition
·         2012: Away & Beyon

From the Impact Towers team, we say a big shout-out to a father,role model,living legend,super star and a sheer epitome of success on his Fortunate birthday (40th birthday). Our profound and unreserved felitation from the deepest of our heart goes to you  Tu baba. Have a blast-full moment on your daaaaay. One love

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Your Future Is Created By What You Do Today Not Tomorrow
I once heard from my most revered mentor, “you don’t arrive at a future you cannot picture”. It’s unfortunate that multitudes are sailing through life without a specific destination in mind, just living at the mercy of sheer luck. Life is too deliberate than allowing the storms to toss you from side to side.
Life in totality is the accumulation of our day today activities and events as it unfolds. So in the life of a man ‘’Today’’ is of grave significance. Whatever step you are taking is synonymous to sowing a seed that will germinate into the future. Just like the scenario of a farmer burying a seed in the ground, you may not see the result immediately. Some might even take few years before you begin to see the result or have an idea whether it’s a good seed or not, but after it germinates and you see the result it would give you the idea of the kind of seed that was sown.
The same principle is applicable to life. The future you find yourself was a result of the seed you planted many years ago, so here is the question, what kind of seed are you planting right now?
To me this question is a turning point for you in-case you are in the business of planting the wrong seed. Your future lies in the palm of your hands so; guard it with a profound jealousy. Every high flyer you see around today paid the price yesterday so here is the food for thought;
-Invest in your dream today because it brings out the star in you tomorrow.
- Make the right choice of that spouse today because he or she becomes the father or mother of your children tomorrow.
-Take that career choice wisely; it becomes your destiny tomorrow.
-Your days of little beginning become your greater tomorrow.
- Dare to do something new today.
See you at the top…

Monday, 7 September 2015


Listening ! A KEY To Interview Success

It goes without saying that most interview articles focuses on “what to say” and “what not to say”, but in the real sense , a vital part to being a winner in the interview business is mostly left out ignorantly.
it could be quite shocking to an average person that this vital part to being a winner in the interview business spurns from the rare and unique ability to LISTEN and the ability to CONVINCE the interviewer you are listening. It wouldn’t be in any way overrated or discussed out of proportion to say that an incredible listening skill can deliver the JOB at your very door steps.
Likewise, in a job interview we are bothered about talking to impress; leaving out and completely oblivious about the fact that talking is only A PART of a conversation!
Conversation is not a monopolistic act it is a duopoly ! It should involve two processes which are talking and Listening and it must be said that there is no attesting to it that one is vividly important than the other!
In fact people, the peter – pater of the whole concept of a conversation comes from the fact that it requires two to converse! Hence a corollary stating that Listening is as important as talking is not an aberration, talking is akin in some sense of importance to listening.
Also it cant be waived aside that if talking can pass a message equally listening can do the same !


It is a renowned fact , a popular figure amidst major job requirements that “the job requires a good communicator” but the mention of a good communicator ,the first mistake that pops up in so many people's head is the fact they say “i speak well and i know  it” , oblivious to them that a good communicator is very well a master of the Listening act ! Also Human resource managers or in other words employers are very much interested  in knowing you are a great listener.


It enhances your ability to digest information correctly and gives you time for thoughts on how to go about your corresponding actions. Sometimes , it shows your interest in what your interviewer is saying and says a lot that you also share his / her point of views.


Employers take cues from a few pointers that depicts you are or you are not a good listener. At the slightest indication of your inability to listen they draw conclusions that you cannot be a team person and for some highly selective ones that could as well prompt their judgement of dropping from possible appointment.
  • Answer The Right Question !
Many a time in interviews , people answer what they “think ” is the question and not actually the question asked of them , which in turn piques the interviewer.
Many also fear to do the rightful thing , if a question is missed or not rightly heard its just normal to say “sorry, can you come again or please i don’t understand can  you clarify in simpler terms ?”
  • Your Body Language Shows Your Involvement In the Conversation
Your body language actually doesn’t mean you are assuredly listening in the real sense but research has shown that it passes a message to who is speaking that you are listening or makes them think they’ve got your attention.
Keep eye contact except you are the shy type , lean forwards and the nodding of the head to attest or disagree can be strongly recommended.
  • Its Important To Take Notes !
This helps you not forget keywords and helps to stay in-touch with what majorly needs to be remembered about a question asked or advice given. Just be careful to limit this to key words that trigger your memory on the details later.  Too much note-taking takes away from your eye contact.
  • Refer To Things Said Earlier
When finally given a chance to speak, when you refer to things earlier said it connotes you have been listening !
A good time to do this is while you ask questions at the end of the interview.
not listening
Quite some factors are pointers to the fact you are not listening and a funny discovery is that some of these factors can be annoying to whoever you may be speaking to. Here are some things that points you are not listening ;
  • Your Body Language Is A MirrorLack of focus on the interviewer. Acting distracted or looking at your watch.  All these can send the signal you’d rather be somewhere else, and you’re not listening.  This is the rudest possible message to send during an interview.
  • Lack of silence.
    Sometimes, it is better to take a moment to digest the question.  It shows you have listened carefully and are carefully considering your answer.
  • Interrupting the interviewer.
    This typically signals that you’re thinking of things to say and can’t wait to say them and in turn miss what the interviewer is saying.      

  •  The impact tower team wishes you the very best in your job search!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Here are 10 reasons why writing down what you accomplished at the end of the day can be a good way to remember what is good in your life and bring you closer to a positive reality. Whether you like to write or not, consider this exercise as an end of the day reflection on your wellbeing. Read further and reflect on the following reasons to write down your accomplishments:

1. See How Far You’ve Come

Writing down what you’ve accomplished is a good way to look back at how far you have come. By writing down accomplishments you can see how far you have come especially when compared to where you may have started.
Not to say that where you may have started was necessarily bad but where you are now shows signs of natural human progress. And whether you have a goal you wish to achieve or not, writing down what you have done can be an encouraging reminder of how hard you worked to get to where you are in the present.

2. Remember Where You Want To Go

It can also be a way to help you in figuring out your niche and where you want to go with your future. There is no problem in looking back in your past especially when it helps encourage you under your present circumstances.Writing down accomplishments reminds us to keep on moving ahead as we reach for our goals and passions. If you do have a passion and defined goals, writing down what you have accomplished and what you still need to do to get there can be a support mechanism to keep you moving ahead.

3. Celebrate Your Strengths & Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

Writing down accomplishments keeps you feeling positive about your inner strengths and makes you aware of your weaknesses that you can improve on. Ever wonder what your inner strengths are and whether you have room for improvement?
By writing down your experiences you can gain a better overall insight of your strengths and weaknesses, an important part of learning. Feeling positive about life begins with taking steps in the right direction. Acknowledging your forte and your limitations is a progressive move that reaffirms purpose and gives us steady ground to move on as individuals.

4. Record How You’ve Overcome Obstacles

Writing down accomplishments reminds us how resilient we can be. No matter what may have served as a road block during our day, we were still able to continue doing what we needed to do and end the day knowing how hard we worked to get there.
For days when life seems a little too tough, looking back at written examples of how you overcame similar situations can leave you feeling confident enough to get through whatever it is you are dealing with currently. So persevere and stand strong during all obstacles. At the end of the day, write down how this made you feel, how you went about it, and how you will learn from the experience.

5. Use It For Support

Maybe you find that encouragement and the motivation you need to keep on going is not really there in your life. Sometimes a journal can serve as a motivational and therapeutic tool. One that definitely does not replace the need for human support but that can again, help you realize your inner strength during tough times. Look to your journal as being that friend who is there for you when you feel no one else is.

6. Reduce Stress

Writing down accomplishments can ease stress at the end of the day. Stress can not only harm the way we think and feel about ourselves and those around us, it can really wear us out emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Often when we feel stress, we tend to forget to be optimistic. Stress can really eat you alive. Consider taking time out of the day and think about all you have and be content with it. Think about all that you have done during the day and seek to do greater.
Perhaps your stress has a lot to do with feeling like you are not doing enough. Look at what you have done, relish in your accomplishments and seek out ways you can do greater on a bigger level. Do not see this as a stressful endeavor, rather think of it in terms of peace. A way to eliminate that stress that keeps you from understanding the world we live in and becoming all the more wise.

7. Find Your Purpose

Writing down accomplishments reminds us how great we are and that our life has purpose after all. We begin to realize our dreams and seek to make them come true once we realize our purpose. Finding purpose is perhaps the most fulfilling thing we can experience.
Take a step towards this fulfillment and devote a little bit of time at the end of your day to mediate on and express how certain things made you feel. You will definitely be glad you did!

8. Feel Good

Writing down accomplishments feels good. Regardless of how big or small our accomplishments may be, they are still worthy of our acknowledgment. Not only does it make you feel good in knowing what you have done, it also makes you look good.
Writing down accomplishments and acknowledging them instead of forgetting, brings out your good side. The end of the day is the best time to do this. You go to bed feeling great and wake up feeling even greater. Let those positive thoughts fill your mind.

9. Cultivate Gratitude

Writing down accomplishments makes us more grateful and aware. Not only do we become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses, we become aware of the world around us and what we do as individuals to keep it going.
Being conscious and grateful is essential to our overall wellbeing and happiness. Gratitude for what we have at the moment also brings us closer to what we want. So enjoy what you have at the moment and try and remember it. Write down your accomplishments and be grateful for the small success you have each day at a time.

10. Sleep Soundly

Writing down accomplishments at the end of the day is a great reminder of a job well done. Give yourself a pat on the back because yes, you do deserve it. You have worked hard indeed, gotten through the day and gotten through some hardships as well as enjoyed some pleasures.
You are living and you are making the most of your situation each time you wake, you conquer the day. Before you go to bed, remind yourself why this is so great and why you deserve happiness. Write it down, smile, and allow comfort and joy to envelope you and guide you into a peaceful sleep.
Isn’t it amazing how much greatness a simple thing such as writing down accomplishments at the end of the day can be? Take a share of the greatness, find a good journal, and get to writing.
You never know when you may want to look back and need a reminder of how far you have come and how accomplished you actually really are.
Do you write regularly? Do you write with a computer, typewriter, or pen and paper? How much do you write (how many words) and how often?
We’d love to hear about your writing habits.