Saturday, 3 January 2015

"The beginning determines the ending"


Subject:   ‘’The beginning determines the ending”

I strongly believe by now, everyone should have fully recovered from the euphoria of Christmas and the new year. 2015 began just barely few days ago and I believe we all have set goals,targets,resolutions and dreams we want to achieve during the year.

In this early period of 2015, do you know your steps and actions goes a long way to determine what comes up later in the year.

Here is the big question, how are you starting the year and what practical steps have you taken to make this year better than the last?

Are you starting strong inorder to finish strong or you want to remain in the same parking lot of your parent and expect a different result?

So, leave your comfort zone today and dare the undareable strategically and systematically and you will be better for it at the end of the year.


Set a realistic plan or goal for the year

Break it down into bits that is achievable on a daily basis

Take a conscious step towards realising these goals

Look inward for the requisite help to achieve it

Remain prayerful all through the year

Once again I wish you all super prosperous new year.

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