Monday, 19 January 2015


Life  is such an interesting place, it holds us liable for our actions. And whatever action a man plunges in today, was informed by a choice made yesterday. Life is full of fundamental assumptions  which  "choice" is one of them.

The principle of choice is so significant that it affects virtually all the aspects of human endeavour positively or negatively. We make choice of school, a place of worship, clothing, house to live, life partners etc. The totality of a man hangs around the concept of choice and for every choice made there is a set outcome.

The most amazing part of this is that, choice can be made consciously and unconsciously. For instance, you have a final examination the next day and you decided not to attend. You have made a conscious choice not to write the examination, fine! But unconsciously you have said inaudibly "I have chosen to fail" because without an exam you can never have a distinction.

That's exactly how many people live their lives in this present world forgetting life is full of responsibilities that poses to us on a daily basis as choice. We neglect our primary responsibilities and pay much attention to trivial things. Instead of engaging in things that requires our undivided attentions, tenacity and relentless effort. We opt for the pleasure of today and suffer the pain tomorrow.

 One of my most revered mentor once said "No star emerges without a scar". There is always a price tag for every outstanding story of exploits. Life is so deliberate you cannot afford to follow the crowd. You may have a goal, all your effort may seem like you are only building a castle in the air, but I want you to know, every great edifice you see today started yesterday as a foundation. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step. Rome wasn't built in a day, so why give up now?

Withstand the pain today and live to tell the story tomorrow. I love this slogan by a popular rapper "Get Rich Or Die Trying" (My own version "Achieve your Goal Or Die Trying"), This signifies sheer determination. Persistency and iteration is needed to breakthrough on some certain grounds. Success isn't a cheap commodity that's why few successful people are in our society, and if you are privileged to ask them you would realize they paid the price. It is easy to be a failure, do nothing and I can I assure you, you would come out a woeful failure. Let me introduce to you a vital resource.


 It is your most critical resource. Of course you need a strong core concept in place but that's just the beginning. You must iterate from your original idea to overcome roadblocks, recover from  failures and capitalize on opportunities.

Mark Zuckerberg's first website was shut down by Harvard. Sir James Dyson developed over 5,000 vacuum cleaner prototypes before he got one right. Henry Ford didn't succeed in the automobile business until his fourth time around. And we've all read that it took 1,000 (or was it 10,000?) attempts before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

What about whatsApp co-founder Brian Acton ,who was rejected for a job back in 2009. A lot can happen in few years. You can go from the vice president of engineering for yahoo, to a guy looking for a job at facebook, to a startup founder, to a guy that just sold that start up to Facebook for a jaw dropping $19 billion. Here's his sad -but-hopeful tweet after he was rejected at Facebook.

"Facebook turned  me down. It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. Looking forward to life's next adventure"

The great lesson from this is that, he didn't stop at his setbacks. His comeback was fantastic.

Business models rarely survive in their original form. Stay fixed on your initial mission but flexible how you get there. Don't be afraid to change directions or explore new avenues quickly. Be focus on your path, and iterate to success.

Remember , " winners never quit and quitters never win". It's all about choice, PAIN OF SUCCESS OR PAIN OF REGRETS ?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

5 Alarming signs you need a career change

Making a career choice is perhaps the second most important
decision that we make, with first being the marriage.
Remember, when you find a career, you develop a relationship
with that career. Therefore, you have to ensure total
commitment, build a strong and maintain a clean reputation.
You work along with a team were you give your bits of
insights and share your expertise for the accomplishment of
the goals. Just like any relationship, there might be some issues
in your job. There could be misunderstandings, conflicts of
interests or collision of ideas.
As an employee, we spend 15%-20% of our life at the
workplace. This is a significant part of our life that we burn up
in our offices. Therefore, it is fairly important that we do
something meaningful with this major portion of our life.
However, some people just take it for granted and select a job
that eventually does more harm to them than good.
Some people get struck by the charm of a job only to get
frustrated in the end, while some become the victim of dirty
workplace politics. Ultimately, they hate themselves for making
the bad career selection and experiencing all the sufferings. So,
if you are a victim of job frustration, then these warning signs
will help you identify your issues and make a career change.
Sign#1: You Have Lost a Sense of Purpose
Losing fulfillment in your job is the prominent sign that
indicates an immediate career change. People who cannot
enjoy their job become stagnant in their career. As they feel no
spark in their job, they become stressed and unproductive.
Eventually, they go through a professional hiatus that badly
affect their career.
When we lose the ‘interest’ factor in a job, we lose our energy,
passion, determination and our goal. As a worker, you must
feel passionate towards your work. However, when you suffer
from a loss of purpose, then that passion tends to disappear
thereby alerting you to make a quick career change
Sign#2: You Feel Less Valued At the Workplace
Often, employees complain about the lack of acknowledgement
and appreciation from their employer. Sometimes, they become
the victim of favoritism at workplace where they receive less
share of appreciation for their hard work. In such situation,
they feel belittled and undervalued, which cause them to drop
their job.
Every worker needs appreciation of his efforts and so without
any real acknowledgement, no worker can deliver results to
the best of his potential. The acknowledgment can be in any
form: a word of appreciation or an increment. However, if you
are feeling like a rejected employee whose efforts are not
reciprocated, then you need to change your job.
Sign#3: You Are Subject To Political Victimization
Workplace politics is an unavoidable reality. But, if it starts to
affect your performance, then it is terribly bad for your
professional reputation. Being a victim of workplace politics,
you might feel deprived and disappointed. In the worst case
scenario, you might even develop negative thoughts against
your colleagues. These things can severely throttle your
professional developments and may result in an irreversible
damage in the long run.
Office politics is a common element in the organizations. Most
of the time, it is the lust for power and authority. But, if you
happen to be a victim of deadly workplace politics, then it is
better to part ways with your organization. Instead, you should
look for a job in an organization where you can channel your
energies in a productive way.
Sign#4: You Are Worn-Out Due To Financial Stress
The underlying causes of job dissatisfaction might lie in your
low pay scale. Your salary and perks have a lot to do with your
performance at both personal and professional level. You
cannot give your best if your mind is preoccupied with the
thoughts of unpaid bills and unsettled premiums.
Financial stress is a common problem with the workers. But, if
your stress levels are affecting your family life, mood and your
health, then you need to seriously think about a perfect
solution. Does your current salary is insufficient to support
your financial matters? Is your monthly dues of credit card is
rolling in as you cannot pay your bills? If yes, then you need to
find a new job with better salary so that you can get rid of
your financial stress and focus on your career effectively.
Sign#5: You Feel Lack of Gratification
Do you force yourself every morning to wake up and go to
office? Is the idea of doing your job does not charm you? If so,
then there is something wrong with your selection of career.
Many times, people make a wrong career choice which affects
them in future. As a creative person you might feel burnt out
in a job that involves operating machines. Similarly, you
cannot enjoy your job as a war correspondent because you are
too sensitive to cover live shots of shootouts in a warring zone.
You cannot live up to your fullest if you cannot enjoy your
profession and a wrong career choice is the cause behind it. So,
if you are not satisfied with your current career and if you feel
stressed every time you leave the office, then you should find a
career that you love.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

14 Things successful people do on weekends

Spencer Rascoff is only 37. Yet the
Harvard grad and father of three has
already accomplished so much.
He cofounded and served
as a VP for Expedia EXPE +0.53% ; he
held the roles of CFO, vice president of
marketing and COO at Zillow ; and in
2008 Rascoff was promoted to chief
executive of the popular real estate
information site.
Wondering how the Zillow CEO has
achieved and maintained his success?
His weekend routine has something to
do with it.
“My weekends are an important time
to unplug from the day-to-day and get
a chance to think more deeply about
my company and my industry,” Rascoff
says. “Even when I’m technically not
working, I’m always processing in the
background and thinking about the
company. Weekends are a great chance
to reflect and be more introspective
about bigger issues.”
He says he always spends weekends
with his family. “Even if I’m on the
road on a Friday and have to be back
in that same city the following week, I
always come home no matter what.”
Last year Rascoff’s New Year’s
resolution was to refrain from checking
e-mail during the day on Saturdays–
but it didn’t stick. “I’m trying again
this year and am having more luck,” he
says. “I have three young children so
weekends are usually an exhausting
but fun smorgasbord of fort-building,
bike-riding, soccer-playing, chess-
tournament-competing, stroller-
pushing, zoo-going, diaper-changing,
book-reading and birthday-party-
going. I never go into the office on
weekends but I do check e-mail at
night, and I use weekends as an
opportunity to catch up on work-
related reading.”
Laura Vanderkam , author of What the
Most Successful People Do Before
Breakfast (Portfolio, 2012) and What
the Most Successful People Do on the
Weekend (Portfolio, 2012), says
successful people know that weekends
are actually the secret weapon in
professional success. “You need to hit
Monday ready to go,” she says. “To do
that, you need weekends that
rejuvenate you, rather than exhaust or
disappoint you. Cross-training makes
you a better athlete, and likewise,
exercise, volunteer work, spiritual
activities, and hands-on parenting
make you a better worker than if you
just worked all the time.”
Executive coach Dale Kurow , M.S., says
successful people usually spend their
weekends participating in a
“combination of family activities with
their kids and spouse, errands, and
creative activities to exercise the right
side of their brain.”
Penelope Trunk, a career coach and
author of Brazen Careerist: The New
Rules for Success, adds: “A highly
successful person is very focused on
what they want to be doing. The
weekend and the week look very
similar: They are focused on creating
the life they want.”
So who are “successful people,” and
what exactly are they doing on
Sometimes success is defined by an
internal compass, says Marsha Egan, a
board-certified professional coach.
“A successful person is usually one
who has achieved a measure of
happiness and fulfillment in their
work, family, and spiritual life
(however that is defined for the
individual),” Kurow adds. “Most
successful people need to feel a sense
of accomplishment and are self-
motivated to tackle the next
Roy Cohen , career coach and author
of The Wall Street Professional’s
Survival Guide, believes success is often
defined in two ways: achieving and
exceeding financial milestones or
achieving great satisfaction through
one’s work. “From my perspective as a
career coach, real meaningful success
bridges the two–great prosperity
combined with real joy and passion for
your work.”
Here are 14 things successful people
do (or should be doing) on
1. Make time for family and
friends. This is especially
important for those who don’t
spend much time with their loved
ones during the week.
2. Exercise. Everyone needs to do
it, and if you can’t work out 4 to 5
days during the workweek, you
need to be active on weekends to
make up for some of that time,
Vanderkam says. It’s the perfect
opportunity to clear your mind
and create fresh ideas.
“I know an owner of a PR firm
who takes walks in the park with
his dog to spark ideas about how
to pitch a new client, or what
angle to take with the press for a
story,” Kurow says.
Cohen suggests spin classes and
outdoor cycling in the warmer
months. “Both are energizing and
can be organized among people
with shared interests. For example,
it is not uncommon for hedge fund
folks and Wall Street professionals
to ride together on weekends. It is
a great way to establish and
cultivate relationships based on
membership in this elite
professional community.”
3. Pursue a passion. “There’s a
creative director of a greeting card
company who went back to school
to pursue an MFA because of her
love of art,” Kurow says. “Pursuing
this passion turned into a love of
poetry that she now writes on
“Successful people make time for
what is important or fun,” Egan
adds. “They make space for
activities that add to their life
4. Vacation. Getting away for the
weekend provides a great respite
from the grind of an intense week
at work, Cohen says.
5. Disconnect. The most
successful people avoid e-mail for
a period of time, Vanderkam says.
“I’m not saying the whole
weekend, but even just a walk
without the phone can feel
liberating. I advocate taking a
‘tech Sabbath.’ If you don’t have a
specific religious obligation of no-
work time, taking Saturday night
to mid-day Sunday off is a nice,
ecumenical time that works for
many people.”
6. Volunteer. “I know a
commercial real estate broker who
volunteers to help with cook-off
events whose proceeds are
donated to the Food Bank,” Kurow
says. “The volunteer work
provides a balance to the heavy
analytical work she does all week
and fulfills her need to be creative
— she designs the promotional
material for the nonprofit.”
Cohen says a lot of successful
people participate in fundraising
events. “This is a great way to
network and to meet others with
similar interests,” he says. “The
visibility also helps in branding a
successful person as
7. Avoid chores. Every weekend
has a few have-to-dos, but you
want these to take the minimum
amount of time possible,
Vanderkam explains. Create a
small window for chores and
errands, and then banish them
from your mind the rest of the
8. Plan. “Planning makes people
more effective, and doing it before
the week starts means you can hit
Monday ready to go, and means
you’ll give clear directions to the
people who work for you, so they
will be ready to go, too,”
Vanderkam says.
Trunk agrees. She says successful
people plan their month and year
because “if you get stuck on short-
term lists you don’t get anything
big accomplished.”
9. Socialize. “Humans are social
creatures, and studies of people’s
experienced happiness through
the day finds that socializing ranks
right up there, not too far down
below sex,” Vanderkam says.
Go out with friends and family, or
get involved in the local
“It has been demonstrated that
successful people find great
satisfaction in giving back,” Cohen
says. “Board membership, for
example, also offers access to
other successful folks.”
10. Gardening/crafts/games/
activities. This is especially
important for those cooped up in
an office all week.
“For the pure joy, some folks find
great satisfaction in creating
beautiful gardens,” Cohen says.
Kurow knows an attorney who
uses her weekends to garden and
do mosaics and tile work to satisfy
her creative side. “Filling her life
this way enables her to be
refreshed on Monday and ready to
tackle the litigation and trial prep
work. Artwork for her is fulfilling
in a way that feeds her soul and
her need to connect with her
spiritual side.”
Bridge lessons and groups can also
sharpen the mind and often create
relationships among highly
competitive smart professionals,
Cohen says. “I once saw a printout
of a bridge club’s membership list;
its members were a who’s who of
Wall Street.”
Theatre, opera and sporting events
can also enrich one’s spirit, he
11. Network. “Networking isn’t an
event for a successful person, it’s a
lifestyle,” Trunk says. Wherever
they go and whatever they do,
they manage to connect with new
12. Reflect. Egan says truly
successful people make time on
weekends to appreciate what they
have and reflect on their
happiness and accomplishments.
As Rascoff said, “weekends are a
great chance to reflect and be
more introspective about bigger
13. Meditate. Classes and private
instruction offer a bespoke
approach to insight and peace of
mind, Cohen says. “How better to
equip yourself for success in this
very tough world?”
14. Recharge. We live in a
competitive world, Vanderkam
says. “Peak performance requires
managing downtime, too–with the
goal of really recharging your
batteries.” That’s how the most
successful people get so much
Successful people know that time is too
precious to be totally leisurely about
leisure, Vanderkam concludes. “You’re
not going to waste that time by failing
to think about what you’d like to do
with it, and thus losing the weekend to
TV, puttering, inefficient e-mail
checking and chores. If you don’t have
a busy workweek, your weekend
doesn’t matter so much. But if you’re
going from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day,
it certainly does.”

Friday, 9 January 2015


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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Employment Opportunity

Our client has vacant position of ACCOUNT OFFICER to be filled as soon as possible.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

"Life isn't about what you couldn't do so far, it's about what you can still do"

I was raped at the age of 9" - Oprah Winfrey
"I didn't even complete my university education" - Bill Gates
"I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my
father as far back as I can remember until I left home at the age
of eighteen" - Joyce Meyer
"I struggled academically throughout elementary school" - Dr. Ben
"I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training" -
Lionel Messi
"I used to sleep on the floor in friends' rooms, returning Coke
bottles for food, money, and getting weekly free meals at a local
temple" - Steve Jobs
"My teachers used to call me a failure" - PM Tony Blair
"I was in prison for 27 years" - Retired President Nelson Mandela
Though we pass through many difficulties in life, we should not
give up because life is not about what you couldn't do so far, it's
about what you can still do. Decide to be UNSTOPPABLE. That's
who you are!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

"The beginning determines the ending"


Subject:   ‘’The beginning determines the ending”

I strongly believe by now, everyone should have fully recovered from the euphoria of Christmas and the new year. 2015 began just barely few days ago and I believe we all have set goals,targets,resolutions and dreams we want to achieve during the year.

In this early period of 2015, do you know your steps and actions goes a long way to determine what comes up later in the year.

Here is the big question, how are you starting the year and what practical steps have you taken to make this year better than the last?

Are you starting strong inorder to finish strong or you want to remain in the same parking lot of your parent and expect a different result?

So, leave your comfort zone today and dare the undareable strategically and systematically and you will be better for it at the end of the year.


Set a realistic plan or goal for the year

Break it down into bits that is achievable on a daily basis

Take a conscious step towards realising these goals

Look inward for the requisite help to achieve it

Remain prayerful all through the year

Once again I wish you all super prosperous new year.