Thursday, 17 September 2015


Your Future Is Created By What You Do Today Not Tomorrow
I once heard from my most revered mentor, “you don’t arrive at a future you cannot picture”. It’s unfortunate that multitudes are sailing through life without a specific destination in mind, just living at the mercy of sheer luck. Life is too deliberate than allowing the storms to toss you from side to side.
Life in totality is the accumulation of our day today activities and events as it unfolds. So in the life of a man ‘’Today’’ is of grave significance. Whatever step you are taking is synonymous to sowing a seed that will germinate into the future. Just like the scenario of a farmer burying a seed in the ground, you may not see the result immediately. Some might even take few years before you begin to see the result or have an idea whether it’s a good seed or not, but after it germinates and you see the result it would give you the idea of the kind of seed that was sown.
The same principle is applicable to life. The future you find yourself was a result of the seed you planted many years ago, so here is the question, what kind of seed are you planting right now?
To me this question is a turning point for you in-case you are in the business of planting the wrong seed. Your future lies in the palm of your hands so; guard it with a profound jealousy. Every high flyer you see around today paid the price yesterday so here is the food for thought;
-Invest in your dream today because it brings out the star in you tomorrow.
- Make the right choice of that spouse today because he or she becomes the father or mother of your children tomorrow.
-Take that career choice wisely; it becomes your destiny tomorrow.
-Your days of little beginning become your greater tomorrow.
- Dare to do something new today.
See you at the top…

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