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Listening ! A KEY To Interview Success

It goes without saying that most interview articles focuses on “what to say” and “what not to say”, but in the real sense , a vital part to being a winner in the interview business is mostly left out ignorantly.
it could be quite shocking to an average person that this vital part to being a winner in the interview business spurns from the rare and unique ability to LISTEN and the ability to CONVINCE the interviewer you are listening. It wouldn’t be in any way overrated or discussed out of proportion to say that an incredible listening skill can deliver the JOB at your very door steps.
Likewise, in a job interview we are bothered about talking to impress; leaving out and completely oblivious about the fact that talking is only A PART of a conversation!
Conversation is not a monopolistic act it is a duopoly ! It should involve two processes which are talking and Listening and it must be said that there is no attesting to it that one is vividly important than the other!
In fact people, the peter – pater of the whole concept of a conversation comes from the fact that it requires two to converse! Hence a corollary stating that Listening is as important as talking is not an aberration, talking is akin in some sense of importance to listening.
Also it cant be waived aside that if talking can pass a message equally listening can do the same !


It is a renowned fact , a popular figure amidst major job requirements that “the job requires a good communicator” but the mention of a good communicator ,the first mistake that pops up in so many people's head is the fact they say “i speak well and i know  it” , oblivious to them that a good communicator is very well a master of the Listening act ! Also Human resource managers or in other words employers are very much interested  in knowing you are a great listener.


It enhances your ability to digest information correctly and gives you time for thoughts on how to go about your corresponding actions. Sometimes , it shows your interest in what your interviewer is saying and says a lot that you also share his / her point of views.


Employers take cues from a few pointers that depicts you are or you are not a good listener. At the slightest indication of your inability to listen they draw conclusions that you cannot be a team person and for some highly selective ones that could as well prompt their judgement of dropping from possible appointment.
  • Answer The Right Question !
Many a time in interviews , people answer what they “think ” is the question and not actually the question asked of them , which in turn piques the interviewer.
Many also fear to do the rightful thing , if a question is missed or not rightly heard its just normal to say “sorry, can you come again or please i don’t understand can  you clarify in simpler terms ?”
  • Your Body Language Shows Your Involvement In the Conversation
Your body language actually doesn’t mean you are assuredly listening in the real sense but research has shown that it passes a message to who is speaking that you are listening or makes them think they’ve got your attention.
Keep eye contact except you are the shy type , lean forwards and the nodding of the head to attest or disagree can be strongly recommended.
  • Its Important To Take Notes !
This helps you not forget keywords and helps to stay in-touch with what majorly needs to be remembered about a question asked or advice given. Just be careful to limit this to key words that trigger your memory on the details later.  Too much note-taking takes away from your eye contact.
  • Refer To Things Said Earlier
When finally given a chance to speak, when you refer to things earlier said it connotes you have been listening !
A good time to do this is while you ask questions at the end of the interview.
not listening
Quite some factors are pointers to the fact you are not listening and a funny discovery is that some of these factors can be annoying to whoever you may be speaking to. Here are some things that points you are not listening ;
  • Your Body Language Is A MirrorLack of focus on the interviewer. Acting distracted or looking at your watch.  All these can send the signal you’d rather be somewhere else, and you’re not listening.  This is the rudest possible message to send during an interview.
  • Lack of silence.
    Sometimes, it is better to take a moment to digest the question.  It shows you have listened carefully and are carefully considering your answer.
  • Interrupting the interviewer.
    This typically signals that you’re thinking of things to say and can’t wait to say them and in turn miss what the interviewer is saying.      

  •  The impact tower team wishes you the very best in your job search!!!

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