Friday, 1 January 2016


My deep and heartfelt gratitude to all my loyal blog readers in the year 2015, words alone are not enough to express my sincere appreciation. A very big thanks to you all once again. Just before you get carried away with the euphoria of this season, let me quickly bring you up to speed.                                                             

In 2015, a lot of dreams were left unfulfilled, resolutions unachieved, and goals unattained. Several people blame their inability to do so much to a lot of things, but in law ignorance is no excuse, this is a brand new year which i personally tagged “a life line year” (an opportunity to do it again).

So in your strides through 2016...
        -   Set out a very good plan
-      -   Thread carefully
-      -   Navigate through with undivided focus
-       -  Be tenacious
-       -  Make everyday count
-         -Be prayerful

Wish you a super prosperous new year of accelerated breakthroughs and lifting in Jesus name 

 From glory to glory 2016

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